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As the independent members’ association for elite athletes in over forty sports – including Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sports, the British Athletes Commission (BAC) is concerned with athlete welfare, and is committed to ensuring that they offer the most appropriate advice, support and guidance to athletes. The BAC is also committed to the Equality in Sport framework, which focuses on a number of diverse issues involving e.g. gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality.

The BAC believes that the sexuality of an athlete should not have an impact on an athlete’s performance or the environment in which they train, but we know it can -and possibly does.

The BAC is therefore seeking to understand the nature and the scope of this potential issue and to put in place appropriate support mechanisms for athletes should they be needed.
To achieve this, the BAC is working with Pride Sports, the UK’s LGBT sports development and equity organisation.

“I am excited to be part of this pioneering step by BAC. In sport we talk about our ‘one chance’ all the time; this is another. BAC is committed to listening to us, the LGB athletes about how they could best support us and what issues or even best practice we have encountered. We are all busy, but by just taking 5 minutes to engage with this could make a huge difference to the provision we can access as well as the experiences of those LGB athletes who are following us.” Claire Harvey, Paralympian

How you can help?

Pride Sports is currently working with elite LGB athletes (including those athletes who do not wish to be ‘out’ in their sport) to work out how the BAC can better support the LGB segment of its membership. If, as a BAC member, you feel you would like to be part of this research on a completely confidential basis then please contact either:

Lou Englefield, Director, Pride Sports 07949 604610
Dr. Anna Verges, Director, Pride Sports

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