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Pride Sports is undertaking the largest survey of LGBT sports provision ever undertaken in the UK.

“We want to be able to really understand the nature and extent of LGBT sports organisation in the UK, to fully appreciate the opportunities LGBT sports groups are offering their athletes and any barriers they may face

explains lead researcher Dr Anna Verges,

We know there are over 120 LGBT sports groups in the UK, but we do not know how they are funded, how they are administered and even how they are constituted. This lack of data presents a real barrier to Pride Sports supporting LGBT sport in this Country.

The survey, which will hopefully be completed by club committees, asks a range of questions about the running of LGBT sports groups, from how many members a club has, to how a club is constituted and run and what coaching opportunities are offered at what level for participants. Lou Englefield, Pride Sports Director:

Pride Sports has been working for six years to challenge homophobia and transphobia in sport and to support the development of the LGBT sports sector in the UK. We know that we are asking already stretched volunteers to provide us with a lot of information, but we really need LGBT sports groups to get behind this survey. Ultimately, we want to advocate better on their behalf and target support where it is most needed.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dr Anna Verges on

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